Firmware upgrade changed footpedal actions -help!

first post so forgive any etiquette breaches please :slight_smile:
have looked through the forums but can’t see anything relevant…

i use the pedal for live gigging…been great…
thought i’d better do what i’m told and (eventually) did the firmware upgrade
hmmm…wish i hadn’t ! :slight_smile:

ok… pedal settings…
main pedal untouched…
1st switch stopped: song back
1st switch playing: pause/unpause
2nd switch stopped:song advance
2nd switch playing: anything eg accent (don’tuse it)

so… when playing live, could just hit 1st switch to pause exactly where i wanted… end of bar or in the middle
then… hit second switch to move to the next song -great for moving to next song quickly when live
worked really well !

since the firmware upgrade -i can no longer do this :frowning:

1st switch to pause to stop the beat is ok - 2nd switch now does nothing :frowning:
so… to get to the next song i have to double click the main pedal which re-starts the song then goes to the outro fill (which i now have to delete in any song that uses it)
i presume that ‘paused’ used to equal ‘stopped’ and this is no longer he case ??
is there any way of advancing to the next song when ‘paused’ ? (as i used to…)
or… can i re-load the old firmware ??? !
thanks for any help

You can try the following to see if it helps: (boils down to resetting all of your pedal settings)
[]after a firmware update, you should run the remote foot switch (RFS) detector again
]set RFS settings to what you had
If this still doesn’t work, you can revert to 1.8.5 by downloading and installing from: (if you had a version different than 1.8.5, contact me via PM).