First note of a fill in not playing.

Hi, I’ve never really noticed this before because I’ve never really built a fill that had a specific starting sound. However, I just programmed a fill in that starts with a Crash. For some reason when I press the fill right at the start of the measure, the crash won’t play. It plays the kick (but it could be latent from the main loop). Any reason for that? Am I missing something?

Try pressing after beat 4 of the bar before, it should play the whole thing then.

The reason is that BeatBuddy prepares sound a little bit ahead of time. When you press the pedal exactly when a new bar starts, the pedal already could have prepared (up to like 80ms) of sound based on a main part. It cannot preemptively know that you are going to trigger transition right when a new bar starts. This could result in exactly what you are experiencing - a drop in a note or two in the start of the transition.

If you trigger a transition just a little bit ahead of when a new bar starts, no notes will be dropped.