First time Midi Edit, first time issues

So I downloaded MidiEditor for my PC Laptop. I was able to lower the Volume (Velocity) for the hi hats in a song. I go to Save As and it saves as a Midi File. I create a new song and add the freshly saved Midi File in. It only plays the drum beat (snare & bass) at half the tempo. Does anyone know what might be happening? Thanks in advance.

Not really clear why you are hearing it at half tempo? But this is what I do:
When I edit a beat, I export “Midi file”it to a particular folder (rename it). Then I delete the original beat and then “add from midi” your newly named song.

In the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) MIDI Editor, check the tempo. Press Cancel.
In the Songs pane of the BBM (not the tempo slider at the top of the window), set the tempo for what the song calls for. Save Project.
Does it play the tempo correctly now?
If it still does not play the tempo correctly, change the tempo for the song ±1 BPM and try again.

I will try that. On another note, it will not play the bass or hihat once imported into BBM.

Feel free to export and post a song here and we’ll try to help. You might have to zip it first

The bass notes for your songs may not fit the range for the BB drum set e.g., 0-31 or 62-91.