Flaky SD updating issues....

I have been happily updating my SD card plus a backup weekly after rehearsal using a Mac Air running El Capitan (10.11.3). BBManager is current ( I updated one then the next balked - ‘can’t delete…’ when attempting to overwrite. I tried updating as a synchronized effort but nothing. I tried a 2nd backup disk that hasn’t been used - nothing. No help jiggling the sliding locks. I can’t overwrite the files from my saved image on the Mac so I figured I would reformat and continue with a fresh SD but when I went to download it from the website resources it stalls about half-way through and ultimately times out…repeatedly.

Not a good day. Any thoughts on what to do next? I can still play with the most recent files in place but can’t apparently update. I haven’t tried addressing the first SD that actually worked.

Are you saving your projects on your computer as you go along and then synchronizing your SD cards? Have you changed the name of the SD card that you can no longer update or are you trying to save a new project to your SD card?

Thanks for the thinking…often helps to have a fresh (and possibly brighter) mind tackle things. To your questions: the asterisk reminds us to save any changes so yes to that. I typically synchronize the main card I’m using inserting it 2nd, but not the backup which I do first, although I don’t know if that makes a difference. I was told synchronizing would alleviate resetting the outboard foot-switch functions each time…maybe.
The cards have held the same name since day 1 and the projects are unchanged especially from the last time all worked.

Just opened a Conversation with you.

Very kind of you sir! A clear concise tutorial and I’m out of the woods. I understand the nature of synchronization better now and when and why to use it. Not to mention developing a clean work around to image a known good safety net disk. Many thanks!

You’re welcome. Glad I could help :slight_smile: