Folder Recognition Challenge


Hi there:

Would someone be able to offer a step-by-step on how to navigate to and have BB recognize my custom folders of “Songs” on the physical BB screen interface?

I received my Beatbuddy and associated footswitch two days ago, so my question may seem very basic to anyone helping me through an issue I am having:

Technical Back Story:
I am running a new-ish Asus laptop PC with Windows 8, up-to-date with patches, etc., with SD card reader. The latest Beatbuddy Manager software available (1.3.2) loads, runs and functions as expected.

My issue:
I insert and load the Beatbuddy’s SD card into my Laptop. It mounts, and is seen by the BB Manager software as drive “F” on my laptop. Fine so far… I can update firmware, and have done so to acquire the latest version available. Same drive mounting result when I connect the Beatbuddy via USB.

When I create a new Project folder within the BB Manager, then create a new “Song” within the BB Manager, I cannot seem to successfully export the folder and “Song” therein to my SD card. By that, I mean when I insert the SD card back into the Beatbuddy, I cannot find, and/or navigate to my newly created, custom-made “Song”.

I have tried simply dragging said folder to what I assume to be the correct folder with the Beatbuddy’s SD card folder hierarchy, but after many attempts, I still can’t find or see my “Song” on the BB screen interface by navigating with the Beatbuddy’s physical arrow button interface… I am probably not performing the “Export” function correctly…

Any suggestions on addressing this poser would be greatly appreciated!


You need to synchronise the project with the pedal, my first video shows you how to do that. If that option is greyed out you will need to import the project from the pedal. I use a number of computers with the BeatBuddy manager software so one thing I do is export the folder to save it, import project from pedal and reimport the folder and finally synchronise.


Thank you Jonathan.

Both of your posted videos on this subject saved me a wasted Sunday, as I was determined to have the BB working before starting a regular work week.

I did miss the most basic step of importing the project from the pedal. Everything worked great after that. I somehow managed to get things half working before posting my plea for assistance, so I was able to conjure up some pretty whacky system error messages that had me thinking I was involved with some very dodgy beta BeatBuddy Manager software. Not the case at all… quite useable.

Once again, demonstration proves a far better way to instruct. Thank you for the time and effort in producing the videos, and for responding to my forum query. As we are all early adopters of this product, I did not even think to search YouTube first for answers…



Pleased my video helped, the BeatBuddy team found them so helpful that they added them to the tutorial sticky so they wouldn’t get missed.


And… I missed them at that location as well.

Thanks again for your help.