Folders greyed out

First time on the BB forum. Normally I can find all I need for information for using the BB

Here’s my issue.

I have a project set up with 3 folders that I setup to store my songs alphabetically!

2 out of the 3 folders are now greyed (no songs showing) on both the SD card and laptop out when I reloaded the project. The 3rd folder is good with songs showing.

I have no clue what happened. Something was updating or syncing then all of sudden BB MGR shut down.

Luckily I backed up the project a week ago but lost a weeks worth work of new songs!! Lots of work!

I’m going to start backing up my projects at the end of the day!

I tried to use a undelete program for the SD CARD with no luck!

Is there a way or miracle to recover and restore the songs? Are they still hiding on the SD card!

I know I’m screwed but thought I would ask!


Did you name any of the songs or folders with a period or a non-supported character? If so, that might have been the issue.

I’m sending you a PM.

Thanks for helping here.

I didn’t use non-supported character?

I think my data for the 2 folders are gone.

I had 3 folders:

A-H (DE951169) I see no data
I-T (B3394149) i see no data
Also compared to my backup, the songs folder is missing so much other data.

I tried to upload the CSV file with now luck

I’ll just have to redo all I’ve lost.

thank you for taking the time to help

Sorry to hear it.

@Runner Did you use any periods or commas in any titles within the project? (Whether that be song names or folder names)

Using periods or commas will cause songs to disappear, we mention this in the quick start guide for the BBManager.

In general we also recommend to make backups of the customized setlists:

  1. Select the setlist in the BBManager
  2. File > Export > Folder
  3. Save it in a location you’ll remember (and even better yet, make copies of the backups)