Foot pedal function

Hi all.
Quick question.
Did I see somewhere in the forum that it is possible to assign an “Outro” to one of the switches on the foot pedal?

Yes, even though details are on the forum there is also a BeatBuddy manual which details most of the functions of the BeatBuddy - and it is very short so won’t take long to read, you can also use it for reference purposes.

Haven’t got my BB with me at the moment but from what I can remember are the footswitch functions not as follows: Tap Tempo, Insert Accents, Scroll up, scroll down, Stop, Start. Is there an Outro option?

Think I found the solution in “Tips and Tricks” from Rob22315.
“Settings”, “Footswitch”, “Configuration”.
I’ll try it tomorrow. If it works it will be a great advantage. Just 1 tap on footswitch and “Outro”, Wow!

Yes, I’ve been using the foot switch to trigger the outro for a while now.

Just tried my BB to get Outro on my Footswitch.
Am I missing something obvious?
Pressed Drum Set and Tempo to get Settings: Pressed Footswitch:
Pressed Footswitch Configuration: and got Footswitch Type, Footswitch Order and
Footswitch Polarity. None of which gives me the option to select Outro.
Can you help?

Sorry, got it in Footswitch Functions,1st Switch Playing, Outro Fill.
Patients is a virtue !!
Thanks a million ROB22315 for your help.