Foot switch function

I have been trying to use the right hand switch on the footswitch (mine is a latching footswitch) to advance to the next song in the set. I am assigning the function like I am supposed to, but it is not advancing to the next song. Can anyone give me a step by step method of assigning the right switch to advance to the next song that will work every time?


Have you “detected” the pedal so your main pedal knows it’s latching?

Do you have to “detect the pedal” every time you use it? Is that information saved on the SD card?

You shouldn’t have to every time you play the pedal as it saves the configuration after the detection has been run.

There may be times after updating the firmware that it might not recognize the configuration and settings on your foot switch and it’s always good to double check after an update.

It ALWAYS resets to expect a momentary switch after updates…


And yes, that information is stored on the SD card. Which causes a weird and interesting thing to happen: if you EXPORT your project to SD instead of SYNCHing, it resets a bunch (if not all) of the Beat Buddy’s settings to factory default, which includes resetting the outboard pedal to momentary.

So, if you export the project, you must reset all of your custom settings; if you Synch, you don’t have to change anything.