Foot switch idea

Friends, I really appreciate all of your hard efforts into making the Beat Buddy product. The logistics of making something like this are enormous!!

Here are a few feature requests

  1. Squash the bug that resets the main pedal to default settings after you EXPORT PROJECT TO SD CARD on Mac.

  2. *****REALLY NEED THIS ONE: Enable a new foot switch setting that allows you to switch to the next MAIN DRUM LOOP while either playing or paused. In other words take the Transition stomp and beat out of the equation and let you freely jump to the next beat via foot switch control.For instance, on several of my songs I want to pause the song (right switch) but come out of the pause directly into a chorus which needs the next main drum loop. So far I’ve tried to transition and pause it the instant it starts the next loop. However, it’s too tricky to do live and get yourself confused on stage. Also perfect for starting songs with a shaker only and going into a full beat, and many other uses.

  3. Allow for a second foot switch to be added via midi port. If possible have this one change the MAIN DRUM LOOPS backwards and forwards. :slight_smile: Allow us to use a standard midi foot switch controller until Beat Buddy has one of their own manufactured. (hey new product = more sales!)

  4. The ability to add a shaker to any drum set on a different MIDI map # than 42 which is used for the closed hi hats. Really need this one too.

Thanks for listening! Request #2 above is my biggest and would be HUGE. Plus it could initially be included in an easy firmware update.