Foot switch method to get back to Aeros Home Screen

While in loop creation mode (and stopped) is there a way to get back to main Aeros Home Screen using foot switch(s) vs. bending over and pressing the home button on the touchscreen by hand?

I also have the MM… so maybe there’s a feature there too?

Without the Maestro you can hold the Start button of the Aeros if there is no song loaded

With the Maestro, you need to make a custom mode with these commands
CC 35 VALUE 2 (go to home screen) and toggle this with the CC 35 VALUE 1 (to go back to the loop screen)
This option in not avalable in the default mode of the Maestro

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Wish hands free control was a priority. Long while ago hands free song selection was a priority, but that effort whithered.

A device this powerful deserves better foot based control. 4 buttons and a scroll wheel is a lot of raw capability…


Aeros 5.0.0 beta has Hands-free control, you can use the Right-bottom Aeros button to open the new Slide Out menu in the Loop Studio, there is an option there to go to the home screen

You can also still hold down the Play / Stop All button in an empty song to return to the home screen form the Loop Studio.

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