Foot Switch Settings (again)

I have searched and read every thread regarding “Foot Switch Settings”, trying every suggestion and STILL loose my FS settings every time I work in the BB Manager. I was hoping that the firmware update would put the Foot Switch Settings into the Manager but it seems it did not make it.

I am running BB Manager and Firmware 2.04-RC4 on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.12.3 Sierra. I plug the SD Cards into the SD Card Reader built into the MacBook Pro.

I have 2 BeatBuddys - one is mounted on my Gigging Board, used for weekly gigging 1 or 2 times a week, and the other one is on a Pedaltrain Nano and used on Sundays at Church for Worship. I take both BB’s with me when we Gig so we always have a “back up”.

I have 3 SD Cards: one named “GIG”, one named “WORSHIP” and one named “BACKUP”. Each week in BB Manager I make any Setlist changes for the weekly Gigs and program a new Setlist for Sundays Worship Service. After I have finished, I “Export Project to SD Card” to each of the 3 SD Cards. Usually ONE of the SD cards will retain the FS Settings, but the other 2 default to the factory settings.

I have tried opening and saving from the SD Card that the FS settings are intact to the BB Manager, but the Directory makes me rename the Project. I have tried removing the BB Project File from all 3 SD Cards and then “Exporting Project to SD Card” (with the saved FS Settings) to all 3 SD Cards - no joy!

I have just gotten used to reprogramming the FS Settings into both BB’s every week from the Main Footswitch, but I feel like I must be missing a step somewhere.

Why would the FS Settings remain on one SD Card, but not on the other 2? Is the SD Card somehow linked to the specific BB?

A step-by-step instruction might help me figure out what I am missing. It sure would be nice to take the 3 updated SD Cards, load 2 of them into both BB’s intact!

Thanks in advance for any help!



Hi, James. Here’s what I think the problem might be. But first, a couple of questions: 1) are you able to Sync your projects to your SD cards using the BBM, or are you having similar problems as other Sierra users where Synchronize Project is grayed out in the BBM menu? 2) are you using the same project name for each SD card?
Sierra and BBM don’t seem to play very nicely together. If the Synchronize Project is grayed out in the BBM File menu, it forces users to use the File > Export > Project to SD Card and it tends to overwrite the contents of the footsw.ini file on the SD card. If the settings on card 1 are current and you are able to Synchronize (vs Export) your project, it is also supposed to update the footsw.ini file in your BBM bbworkspace. If you are using the same project name for your 3 SD cards and are able to Synchronize, all 3 cards must have a current footsw.ini file. If, for instance, the second card does not, it will probably replace the contents of the file so that when you get to the third card, it too will overwrite the foot switch settings.

A possible solution is this workaround. The standard BeatBuddy caveat applies here. You should generally/usually/always use your BBM to manage songs, files and folders. This workaround violates this principle and is the exception rather than the rule.

I’m a Mac user too so this is how I keep my settings synched when Sierra forces me to Export a project to the card.
When synching a project, the BeatBuddy updates the settings and keeps it as an invisible file somewhere in the BBM bbworkspace/PARAMS folder and on the SD card. The file name is footsw.ini and the contents of the file can be viewed with TextEdit—this is what the contents look like in my file:

The workaround:

  • with your SD card in your pedal, prepare your settings; power off to the pedal and remove the card
  • insert the card into your computer and go to the PARAMS folder on the card
  • Google “how to show hidden files” for your OS; a link for the Mac there’s probably also a way to make this file permanently visible but I’ll let you sort that out (I use PathFinder to change only the attributes for the footsw.ini files).
  • once the footsw.ini is visible, drag a copy to your desktop
  • after you complete the BBM > File > Export, option-drag a copy of the footsw.ini file to each of your SD card PARAMS folder

and the path with the file now visible might look like this:

Thanks for your reply @persist!

First to answer your questions - not “syncing” as the “Synchronize Project” option IS greyed out. Plus, i have never used the Sync option; have always used the “Export Project to SD Card” function. Next, yes I am using the same Project name for all 3 SD cards.

I have been working this morning un-hiding the invisible FW Setting file in the PARAMS folder. I programed the FS with my fave Settings, ejected it from the BB, Option Dragged it to Desktop, etc… I have tried dragging the FOOTSW.INI file onto the other SD Cards and still not working.

I did notice that the FOOTSW.INI file has an ID. Maybe that ID is footswitch specific? I am using 2 different BB’s with 2 different FS’s.

Let me do some testing.

Here’s the real issue: the grayed out BBM > File > Synchronize Project menu entry. If you can use my temporary solution posted at it should solve the settings issue for at least one SD card, if not all. I don’t know if different IDs will affect your outcome.

If you choose not to use the temporary solution, the other possible workaround is to set up the settings on your pedal and putting the SD card into your Mac; instead of saving the footsw.ini file, save the PARAMS folder from your SD card to your desktop and once you’ve completed the export project to SD card, copy and when prompted, replace the PARAMS folder from your desktop to your SD card. This seems to work for me but I don’t know if there are any side effects. Let me know.