FootPedals not operating correctly

I just updated to 2.0.4 Firmware. The BB seems to have taken the firmware update, but I am having a few issues with my footpedal(s). While a song is playing with 1/5 Parts, I am unable to advance forward with the BB footpedal. After a couple double taps, it does an Outro. I attached the BB doubleswitch footpedal and the BB only detects the left switch. I enabled both switches within the settings and didn’t change. I connected a Fender double switch footpedal and again the BB would not recognize the right footswitch.

Has anyone else experienced this issue. I can at least verify that the BB switch worked properly prior to the firmware update. Should I try another firmware update?

Are you using the TRS (stereo) patch cable? Sounds like you might be using a regular (mono) cable. Sounds like you’ve run the remote foot switch detector already so the only other thing you can try is if both switches still don’t work.

As for the main pedal not advancing to the Transition, check all your main pedal settings to make sure they have not changed. Review how long you hold the main pedal button or how quickly you’re single tapping. If this doesn’t work, you can try dragging the f/w files to the SD card.

Thank you. I have been able to advance the main pedal by how quickly I single tap. In looking at my cables, they all seem to be mono, to include the fender cable included with the switch and amp. I’ll go out and get a TRS (stereo) patch cable and try the BB pedal.

Once you hook 'em up, don’t forget to run the remote foot switch detector and set it up.