Footswitch 2

Could it be a bad patch cable or you are using a TS cable instead of the TRS (stereo) cable?

Try reinstalling a new download of the firmware and then run the remote foot switch detection for the left and right sides.

Let us know what it turns out to be.

OK, but it takes some time. I’m not everyday in the bandlocation.

Thank you.

Do you update the Beatbuddy to the last firmware?
If yes downgrade to v 3.8 to see !

Yes, i updated BB to the last firmware. I will try the downgrade to 3.8 too.

Thank you.

After downgrade take a look again in the settings “main pedal " " Unpause Behavior”

I’ve noticed that after I import new songs (premium library) occasionally the settings for the footswitch disappear and I have to go through the setup process again.

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Having a problem with the pedal, I always check the settings. The settings can’t be the troubelmaker.

I realize you have checked the foot switch settings already but have you run the pedal Settings/Footswitch/Footswitch Detector and if so what does the display show for Test Completed?

I’m going to guess that there is no firmware problem as I have tested the pedal with firmware 4.0.1 and it works as expected for both switches. The indications are that you have either a problem with your TRS cable or the Footswitch Input connection on the side of your pedal is not making electrical contact with the cable.

If your pedal is still under warranty, you could talk to the dealer you bought it from and see if they will exchange it.

If your pedal is no longer under warranty, remove the bottom plate from the pedal, insert the TRS cable and check that there is contact with the tip and ring of the patch cable. If not, gently bend the prongs so that they seat on the cable jack. As an alternative, you can try gently spraying a little bit of DeOxit contact cleaner on the pedal input jack.

If your pedal is still under warranty, contact Support, for help.

Once you’ve tried all of the suggestions users (and Support) have offered and you still cannot get it to work properly, you might want to take your pedal, patch cable and remote foot switch to an electronics repair shop for diagnosis and repair.

Hope you can get it working again.

with the 4.0.1 you can not choose anymore in main pedal behavior what you want for the second switch when paused! I guess

I found the reason. Building the pedalboard, I connected BB with the footswitcher using a non-original patch cable. I updated BB to the last firmware too. I did to much changes to find out problems easly.

Today I replaced the patch cable by the original patch cable and … footswitch 2 does its job again. I didn’t realised, that the original patch cable is special (stereo). I have to find a new stereo cable because the original one is to short.

Thank you very much for your support

I have similar problems with my footswitch after updating to firmware 4.0.1 The left switch behaves differently and the right one is illogical. I like to run the footswitch with the left as the main pedal and the right pause and unpause. When stopped clicking down my folder list and entering each folder by holding down the left switch which worked fine under 3.8.

Under 4.0.1 I can’t display files and songs on the left switch anymore and on the right switch I can no longer click and descend the files I can only go up! When paused I can no longer keep pressed the right switch to exit the song and go back into the folders too.

Anyway to cut a long story short, and after a band practice spent clicking through files and getting frustrated, I read this thread and downgraded back to 3.8 and the problem is solved.

So for me I have to disagree with persist and say that there must be a firmware problem.

Your right and that’s not all there are other changes too

Not a problem. Hope you get it sorted out.

That’s an issue that occurs when you export the BB Database (only option on Macs) which SS will presumably fix in the upcoming BBManager version (fingers and toes crossed…)

In the meantime, here’s what I do with my MacBook Pro:
I keep a copy of the PARMS folder (with my configuration) that’s in the SD card on my laptop’s desktop, so after I have exported the DB unto the SD card, I drag&drop/copy&paste it into the SD card and replace the default one.

Note: in reality, only one of the files within the PARMS folder needs to be replaced, but I find it easier replacing the whole folder. You would replace the desktop’s PARMS folder if you made configuration changes that you want to keep, of course.


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What would happen if you did it the other way (Copied the PARAMS from the SD to the workspace)? Would it then Export with your current settings each time?

It would have to be in the project folder that’s currently open in the BBM. and it’s been such a long time since I last tried but, but the export process might exclude the PARAMS folder (or it’s contents).

You can give it a try

Isn’t that more complicated??.. Anyway, I don’t know exactly when the BBManager replaces the PARMS files but I would guess it’s right before writing it out, so it would replace your tailored PARMS folder.

Good luck!

It’s not more complicated if you only have to do it once. I’m envisioning a state where you could set the PARAMS folder in your workspace from the PARAMS folder on your SD card…and then that would be written out every time you exported to the SD card (as opposed to the default PARAMS).

I’ll test it out here in a bit and report back.

Well it seemed to work. I typically change a few default settings.

  • MIDI Out->Start= Intro
  • MIDI Out->Sync=While Playing

I verified on my pedal that those were set the way I wanted and copied the contents from the PARAMS folder from the SD card into the PARAMS folder in my BBManager Project in my local Documents folder.

I then Exported the project to my SD card. I was able to verify that my preferences had persisted and did not need to be re-set to my specifications like they normally do after an export.

As a final test, I manually reset to Default Settings using the option on the pedal and verified that my 2 overrides were back to default values (IE NOT the way I like them).

Then I re-exported to the SD card. BBManager then overrode the “default” params on the SD card with MY PARAMS!!! When I put the SD card back into the Beat Buddy, the prefs were all set exactly how I wanted them.

So…it seems to work around the resetting of the preferences on Export issue, you just need to update the WORKSPACE PARAMS folder with the SD card PARAMS contents once you have it set the way you want. Then your exports will include your preferred PARAMS setup. And if you change your params again, just re-copy the PARAMS contents over again.


@josborn777 Well done! Cheers.