Footswitch advancing songs in folders in succession?

how do I get my footswitch to advance through the songs I have in succession? it doesn’t advance to the next song it advance at least 2 songs ahead in the list

Do you have the beta firmware?

Thanks for the help but I found the info in the manuel sorry for not looking there first

Could you provide details of the firmware so we can answer the question for other users coming across this thread or post your own solution.


I have the same issue also, but,
I bend down now to re-set/adjust my footswitch outro b4 each night…
kind of gotten used to it :frowning:

No I have a PC with Windows 7

no I have a PC with Windows 7

The firmware question was about what’s in your Beat Buddy, not your computer. The programmers added footswitch features to some of the beta releases.

@Guitarard Press down on the ‘tempo’ and ‘drumset’ knobs at the same time. This will bring you to the settings menu. Select About BeatBuddy and look at the second line, which will tell you the firmware version you have. It is likely, 1.29 or 1.41 or 1.7x. What does yours tell you?

I adjusted polarity that seemed to work. You would expect a tutorial with it tbh