Footswitch issue

Hi The right button on my My BeatBuddy footswitch is not working. It won’t mute teh sound and it won’t swicth to the next tune. The left button (cymbal) works fine.

What should I do?

Make sure that you:

  • are using the correct TRS patch cable
  • fully seated the cable in both jacks
  • have run the foot switch detector
  • have run the configuration
  • if all this still fails, install firmware 1.8.5 (carefully follow the instructions to do so)

I’ve found that my cable creeps out a bit from the BeatBuddy side ever so slightly at times.

Hm. That’s not good. That’s usually an indication that the contact that engages the tip is bent. It’s usually just a matter of replacing the TRS jack or straightening out the contact with a pair of needle nose pliers if it’s not an enclosed jack. That can cause a short between the ring and sleeve which could cause this problem. It would be essentially the same problem as if you used an unbalanced TS plug instead of a balanced TRS plug.