will there be a user guide for dummies like me in the near future? ie…how does the drum edit work? also the 2nd switch on the footswitch doesnt do anything. Before it used to pause/unpause. its probably something simple but i cant seem to figure it out… any help much appreciated. :?


Please check the cable between BB and footswitch. Most likely you somehow use the mono cable, and previously you used a stereo one.


Mine stopped working this morning, appears my original BeatBuddy cable has a break in it :frowning: wiggling it around does make it work intermittently. Thankfully I have some stereo patch cables I use on a patch panel and used one of those instead.


grifter - Please check if it’s a TRS cable like Daefecator wrote above. This is a cable that has two black circles on the metallic portion of it (Mono has one black circle). Using a mono cable is the main cause for one of the buttons on the footswitch to stop functioning.

Psalm40 - Email and we’ll send you a new patch cable. :slight_smile: