Forthwith usable with beat buddy mini?

I bought the mini beat buddy and also a beat buddy foot switch. The directions that came with foot switch essay one has to somehow prepare the best buddy for use of the foot switch, but the illustration shows a beatbuddy that is not
Can the foot switch be used with the mini beat buddy? If yes, how? Or where can I get the inirmation?

This quick start guide should help you:

Thanks. The guide indicates that the Foot switch can be used with the mini beat buddy. But it doesn’t show just how to connect them. Guess I’ll try to figure it out?

Although there wasn’t a side view of the pedal, I think you plug it in to the right back (heel) jack.

The instructions that were included on the small card inside the footswitch’s box are applicable only to the BeatBuddy, not the Mini. They instruct the user to run the footswitch detector on the BB. The Mini only works with momentary footswitches, and if you made a recent order from our site, this is the type of footswitch you should have. You can ignore the instructions for preparing the footswitch.

The footswitch connects to the Mini by connecting the included TRS cable and it connects to the ‘footswitch’ port on the right side of the Mini.