Forum request - Samples area

Could we add a section to the “User Generated Section” for samples that uses have uploaded, currently they are mentioned in various song threads. Also how about adding the ability to import a full instrument into a kit which includes the samples and the velocity layers to the manager software?

I’m sorry, I don’t even… :slight_smile:
First, are you talking about making a new sub-forum?
Second, what do you specifically want to suggest for BBManager? Make a new file type like DRI (DRumset Instrument) that will contain a single instrument from a drumset that will be possible to export-import into any existing drum set?

Yes and yes, one idea sparked the other so I had not thought through how. It’s just lots of people are uploading samples to add to drum kits and it would be useful to be able to export and import the instruments easily. Then you could also mix and match the drum kits. Export the Tambourine from the Latin kit and import it to the standard - how I don’t know it was just a thought.

Great ideas!

Right. I need to replace the brushes kick with the standard kick.