Forum suggestion: Original music done with Beat Buddy.

This can probably be done in the “video” area, but one for just music would be cool.

@echoraven, can you please elaborate what did you want to say or ask about? I am not sure I can understand you.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

There is a section for posting video, I don’t see a specific section for posting music done with the Beat Buddy, like from SoundCloud or bandcamp.

Well, I think that fits completely into our Videos section then :slight_smile:

As it currently is, BeatBuddy is not a full scale sequencer, and one doesn’t simply create music solely with it. BeatBuddy is a powerful tool to add drums layer to your other instrument’s sounding or your own singing.

Feel free to show us whatever you may come up with in the Videos section of the forum! Even the most strange and bizarre (from the first sight) ideas may totally hit the spot for some people here :slight_smile:

Hey Daefecator, I’ve got one for you. I just created a song with two different drum beats in the same song by copying the individual separate “Beats & Fills” from say “Jazz Samples” into “Country Beats & Fills” from the “Midi Files” & loading them into various positions in the song. It worked! I created the “Perfect Drum Beats” for the song “Caravan” which has “Swing Part” in the bridge. I also found out that you can move “Fills” into the “Beat” areas but there is a slight delay in the beat. Just thought you would like to know. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Are you talking about moving via Drag’nDrop in BBManager (that is currently being tested)?
Slight delays may be intentional - that’s probably how a fill should sound.