FW 3.9 - Enter/Exit Folder CC118 not working as described

Hello @BrennanSingularSound.

According to the BB FM3.9 Manual:
“Enter/Exit Folder (CC:118, any value) ​- When enabled, receiving this command enters the selected folder. If disabled, this command will be ignored.”

Presumably, the “selected folder” corresponds to the value in the CC118 message -if I understand it correctly, but the CC118 message only recalls the last folder used, regardless of the value.

I’m reporting this as a BUG, based on the description and on my tests.


That’s how it’s supposed to work, it is used when scrolling up and down to enter/exit folders. If you want to change to a specific folder, use cc#0, cc#32 and PC commands.

Thanks, @SytRep! Re-reading the description and your comment it now makes sense.

And yes, I know about using cc#0, cc#32 and PC commands to recall BB Folders, I guess I got confused about the actual function of this CC118 instruction (one of those moments the name of which I resist to mention :stuck_out_tongue: XD)


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