Getting Logic Pro X to Midi sync to BeatBuddy


Is it possible to get the tempo in Logic to sync to BeatBuddy?

I use my BeatBuddy as a master for several devices - including a Kemper and a Looper. But can’t figure out how to get Logic to sync to the beatbuddy’s tempo…


Thanks Phil - did you get it to work using this link? The link notes synchronizing to MTC - which I believe beat buddy does not transmit. I couldn’t get it to work using these steps.

Beat buddy can send midi clock. It’s in the midi out settings. You want sync enabled. I have not tried it. I have not had need to have B.B. as a master with Logic. I do use it as an external sound module.

Hello Dave… Did you ever get BeatBuddy to work as a master with Logic Pro X? Al