Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy (with Bass)


See pdf for details!

Would love to get this song if anyone still has it. Thanks!

My Dropbox filled up, so I deleted all my BB stuff thinking no one really wanted it anymore, but apparently people do. I will either restore the Dropbox stuff, or create new links to another storage service. Hope you can enjoy my work!

Use all your cloud resources available to you: Dropbox, Box, MS OneDrive, etc, etc

Thanks! Looking forward to check it out.

another beat not available. 0 for 3 today.

It’s here on the forum too. You should be 3 for 3 soon.

i must be a little slow then, or this forum is confusing and clogged with broken links, or both

Nah, you’re not slow. Reading the link I posted in response to one of your other requests might help you to understand why the forum can seem confusing and overwhelming at first.

I agree, it certainly would not hurt to remove all of the posts where the downloads no longer exist.