Good Hearted Woman beat


anyone have a suggestion for which beat to use for Good Hearted woman? It’s a fairly simple kind of two-step beat but I haven’t come across one in the ones that come with the machine


This one works really well for the chorus of the song. It’s a country train. I haven’t had a chance to put the song parts together including a verse part, but here’s the midi file along with a fill in. Personally, I’d probably use it for the whole song anyway. Hope it works for you.


thanks very much
I’m very new to the Beat Buddy, is there a tutorial or instructions on how to use midi files to create sng files?


Here is a tutorial thread I found… not sure if it will help or not To make it easier, here is a .sng file with the beat and fill for you. I didn’t include the verse part (with only the kick drum or Kick and HHat), but I did attach a midi file for each of those options. If you want to add it to the song, all you have to do is add a new song part and then click the grey button to browse to the midi file. If you can’t figure it out, let me know and I can create another .sng file with whichever of those two parts you want. I play the song with the train beat the whole time, but you may want to play it more like the original. Up to you.


Here is the thread with introductory tutorials that I found in the forum.


wonderful…thanks very much man


thanks very much
I downloaded the SNG file and tried importing into the BB software, but it gave me an error message that it couldn’t parse it therefore it did not import. I tried removing the hyphen character, thought that might be the problem, but still no luck
any ideas?


Make sure you are using BBManager version 1.3.3.
You can check it in Tools > About.
You can download this version 1.3.3 here on the forum -