Grand Funk - Inside looking Out Midi Problem

I’ve been working on Grand Funk’s Inside Looking Out for use with the beat buddy. I followed the midi mapper but I still don’t hear the kick drum. I used Logic to make the file. It’s also plays all the way to the end when started. If someone could take a look I’d appreciate it. I’ll be doing more of these since we lost our drummer. Below are the BeatBuddy and midi files.

A suggestion: these files are small enough that you could have zipped them into a single file and uploaded them here. Makes it easier for users to download and check them out for you :thinking:

I’ve had so many issues with this forum swap I don’t know where to begin. My login and password works on the old site but not on the new one. Sick of login problems I created a new user name and password. Since I’m now considered a new user I’m not allowed to upload a file in a post, that’s why I put in the link. I searched for this post in the old forum hoping to be able to post under my old user name and this post is not on the old site. Also all the drums sets I posted from years ago are gone too. If you know why my old login won’t work on the new site please let me know.

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There are 3 drum instruments you won’t hear in your song because they are not mapped to what the John Bonham Inspired kit is expecting. I’ve included screen shots of the non-supported notes and then of the song with the adjusted notes. What did I do?

  • move B0 to C1 (35 to 36)
  • move F1 to G1 (41 to 43)
  • move B1 to A1 (47 to 45)

I’ve edited your MIDI file and the song and zipped all of the files so you can get an idea of what to look for and how to fix it. (446.5 KB)

P.S. I sent you a password reset for your old user name Metallic Sun

Just wanted to say thank you persist for all your help on the file and my access to the new site. I was finally able to log into the new forum using my android phone.

Good to hear. Thanks for letting me know.