Greetings everyone!

Hi there! I just got my beatbuddy and I am SO HAPPY that i have finally bought this cool little device. I am just scrolling through this forum and I find so much cool stuff, songs and drumkits here. I am blown away. Great device. Great forum! Will jam this whole weekend! Thx so much everyone here!


Hey, welcome! How do you plan on using the beatbuddy…just curious!

Hey Rick! I played in bands for many years. I´ve also done some acoustic gigs (which I will start again in the next few months) - But I wanted more live, than only a western guitar. And I just LOVE the stomp box feeling of the beatbuddy (cause yea… we could all use mp3´s to jam with and so on) - I thought I give it a try and I just love that little pedal! I am using a Fender Western - Plugged into a TC Helicon Play Electric (makes harmonies to my voice) and the new beatbuddy :slight_smile:

Pretty nice…my wife and I have an acoustic duo, we use the TC Helicon acoustic and it works great! We are more dinner type music etc.

If you feel inclined some videos and music using the beat buddy, TC Helicon and a boomerang looper…shameless plug:

Yea, nice! Your wife s got a good voice! And I like your guitar - what wood is it made of? The “Wake me up” cover is a fantastic idea! I love it when the happy songs are turned a bit melancholly and vice versa!

The guitar is a Taylor GS mini, the mahogany version with the built in E2 electronics. It is a fairly inexpensive guitar but sounds great. So great that I bought a second made out of koa.