Groove Agent midi file tags

A few small but tedious workflow bugs working with .mid files in the content package. When working with loops in editors all the various parts come in as “Groove Agent SE” looks like a Cubase tag that doesn’t match the name of the .mid. Does same in Logic,Garage Band and Ableton. This example shows a Groove Monkey clip that is same in editor as file in folder but when BB file dragged in the tag shows the Groove Agent name. A related issue is the naming convention of the .mid files where some main beats show as fills.[ATTACH=full]401[/ATTACH]

Well, yes, I’ve noticed something similar. Yet, why do you feel this is a bug?
Does it prevent you from doing something you desire if not fixed?

It never caused me any issues, you just resave it and it give it a suitable name (I think that is what I did anyway).

Thanks, not a big issue, can rename once dropped. It’s just handy when working with a lot of adds to different DAWs have a descriptive default name.