Group Hand Clap

This zip file contains 3 different hand clap files that I created, each sounding like a group of people clapping. There are only very,very subtle differences between each file but just enough so as to make it sound more like the natural differences between each clap when a real group of people clap. To achieve that, place all 3 files in the hand clap instrument of your drum set with the velocity range for each file at 0 to 127 and instrument settings of - polyphony at 1, volume at -6.0, no choke, and instrument type as Percussion. Both BBM and the pedal will randomly choose (in case you weren’t aware) which file to sound each time the instrument is called, thus, creating the variety.

Hi does anyone have these files…I don’t see anyway to download them here. Or any other gospel hand clap sounds or advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much, Robert