Guitar Riff on Accent Pedal ?

Did anyone try to create a guitar riff as .wav file and play it during the song with the accent pedal ?

As the wav file can be a max 3mb the riff would have to be very short so it would not really work.

I used a train whistle :wink:

OK, I didn’t know the limit with 3MB. I saw a limit of 15 seonds in the manual.

It all depends on its recorded format, an extract from the manual
“For an accent hit, the size of the WAV is limited to 15 seconds of sound. The size will depends on its format (16/24bit and mono/stereo). The maximum size (24 bit stereo) is approximately 3.78 MB.”

You may be alright if the wav file is 16bit mono.

I was attempting to do this last night, however it gave me an error message:

I checked today, the file is only 2.91 MB. I have tried bouncing to .wav from pro tools and simply saving the clip, both were at 24 bit, 44.1 kHz and I’ve tried both Mono and Stereo and all of them give me this error. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

… when i tried to reduce the size of my 1st 'whistle wav attempt …
it wasn’t the one I wanted,…afterwards :wink: It sounded horrible.
aashideacon’s guitar strum superbassG drum kit was useful for a jam loop I made.
No licks , but on the money timing. lol

Have you tried saving as 16bit, how about resaving the original? There is also PCM Wav and raw maybe try one of those, but it does sound like there is something wrong with the file. What BB software version are you running?

Version 1.50, I just got my BeatBuddy 2 weeks ago. I thought I might have figured out my problem tonight, my audio I was importing to pro-tools was 16bit into a 24bit session so I created a new 16bit session. My exported .wav file is now showing 1411kbps in the .wav file properties (the same as all of the default BB accents) which it wasn’t before but I’m still getting the same error. It’s 11 secs long, just over 2mb now and I’ve tried every .wav export from pro tools possible (interleaved, mono, multiple (mono))?

Sometimes programs use 48kHz instead of 44.1kHz… Also, I’d try cutting the riff in half or make it 2 or 3 seconds just to make sure the format is correct, then go from there

Same Problem here. And it’s not BeatBuddys fault (but Beatbuddy could solve It, in my opinion).

If I export a Wav File in Cubase (6.5) as a standard 16 Bit Wave File (And believe me, I tested all the other options to) I’ts not working in BeatBuddy (I know this problem already, I also can’t export it direct to the “Alesis HD24 recorder” )

I have to open and resave it with Wavelab (Im quite sure you can use another wav-editor to) and than it works.
I think it’s a problem with the header.

To make absolutely sure it’s the same problem I could “Resave” the File for you if you want.

So I’m an accountant too and this time of year I’m crazy busy! Finally got around to playing with this more and I tried chopping the wav in half - no luck, still gives me the error. I have moved on to customizing the drum kit and putting the wav as an instrument there (the same wav works perfectly fine in this approach [must be a size thing?!]) and having it triggered by a midi note in my programmed beat. What I lose in flexibility of triggering the riff and having to create a custom drum kit for every song I plan to do this with I gain in the riff being triggered on time every time so that’s kind of nice.