Hammond with Bass won't work in BB

HI all,
I have BB manager 1.65. I downloaded “Hammond with bass” and utilized it with black magic woman. Sounds great on my windows laptop! I synchronized the file (and others) to my sd drive, and reinstalled into the BB pedal. No dice. I hear a click like instrument and that’s it. No drums, no bass, no organ. I have the proper kit with the song. I also can’t seem to get the kit to work with other songs that require the kit, but again, sounds great on the laptop. Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?
Thank you!

In the BBM Drum Sets tab verify that you’ve checked the box for the Hammond with Bass
On your pedal, does it display the Hammond with Bass?
Check that in your pedal settings, you have Main Pedal > Default drumset > Enable
Which version of the firmware do you have on your pedal?

Yes sir, drum set tab checked.
It does show the proper kit on the pedal
I’m not home, so I’m not in front of the pedal, but I do believe it’s the latest version. I will also check the pedal settings. I do know that it will properly play a kit with bass, but not this one.
Thank you!

Hammond with bass has the bass mapped at 0 through 31. It also requires that you use both the left and right BB outputs (or use headphones.) Finally, “with bass” songs are not universal fits for all with bass kits. You will need songs that were made for Hammond with Bass. Try Soul Sacrifiice and my House of the Rising Sun.

Firmware 1.85 with default drumset enabled

Ok Phil, I’ll try that. Thank you!

Hi All,
I’m still struggling with this. I am witnessing two problems:

  1. I am seeing both lack of output from the pedal, and some freezing of the pedal with certain songs (Black Magic woman Dm, The Way F#, I cant go for that) I have tried different sets for all three of those, including Pbass with Hammond 2XRL and Rock with Bass and Hammond. If I’m on the laptop, it works great, once on the pedal, nothing. All updates and versions are current.
  2. I’ll take a Guitar Stu song as an example: His version of Lido Shuffle, and his Drums with Bass set. On the laptop, perfect. On the pedal, the intro gets rushed/chopped, but the rest of the song is fine. Might these be two different issues, or one in the same?

Try to reset pedal settings to default. If still no output, make sure volume control is working and also test output from headphones jack.

When you say rushed do you mean faster tempo? If so go to BBM and pull up the midi track for the intro and make sure song tempo is set to default.

I will try that in the morning persist. When I say rushed, I mean chopped. Instead of the opening verse being 16 measures, (for example) it will be 4 measures and goes to the next chord progression. BUT that doesn’t happen in BBM, only from the pedal. Tempo is not the issue, it’s the length of the proper verse/chorus.

If that doesn’t fix things, you could try loading the Default BeatBuddy Content Update and firmware https://library.mybeatbuddy.com/software-download/ to a new SD card.

If this doesn’t work, your next step is to contact support@singularsound.com and to arrange for their assistance.

Good luck.

That was it! I took a new SD card, loaded the Beatbuddy content update as Persist suggested. I then synchronized my BBM to the new SD card, and voila, everything works perfectly! Thank you so much for your assistance and attention! Hopefully this won’t happen to anyone else, but if it does, this is just another possible fix. Thanks again, and thank you all for your dedication!

Is there any reason to keep the old card? Should I try a reformat and reload or pitch it?

Is there anything you would trust it for after that? Would you put it in a camera for irreplaceable pictures? After a reformat, it’s probably OK to move files about from one computer to another where they are backed up on the original computer. I use my SD cards to move movies to my media server computer. But, I’d be hesitant to use a known problematic card for anything where I don’t have a back-up.

Great point Phil. I’ll use it for non critical file transfers. It’s being retired from BB service!

Hi, Davey. Glad you got it sorted out.

It’s not like a worn out 3.5" floppy that you could use as a coaster. Maybe an exotic guitar pick? :wink:

The cards are inexpensive enough that you can chuck it. If you decide you want to reformat it though, just make sure it’s done as an MS-DOS (FAT-32). As Phil says, probably not worth the risk of getting burned when it goes again.

A fancy guitar pick indeed! Thanks again for your help.