Hands-free song selection

All the feadbacks are in this thread. I stopped participating in the development of the product by giving my opinion.

Have there been any updates on the hands-free song selection option? I just got my Aeros Looper today from Sweetwater and like it but this could be a dealbreaker as far as keeping this unit. It’s not a great look during a gig to have to bend down in between each song and manually fish around for the song that you’d like to play next. Thanks.

There was a comment (on one of the firmware update threads?) that after midi improvements handsfree was next.

I’m hoping they get this right. The Aeros is limited by the current UI. Looks pretty, but so much of the experience needs it on your desk with hands free to use it to the fullest.

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I am new to this and forums/chat help, so please forgive if already answered… I just bought an Aeros to go with a Beat Buddy I have had for a while but have not been getting much practical use out of. I had hoped to sync and be able to live perform to pre-recorded backing tracks, play to parts for accompaniment, etc… Has the hands free selection option been added yet? I updated as soon as I bought but can’t seem to find that or any EDIT: Bank up or Bank down to get to saved backing tracks/loops… I assume I’m missing something so any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Still waiting. A while back they said this would come out soon.

Okay thanks for the response.

I wish you wouldn’t, @Thovy64 Thovy64. These are great suggestions, even if not fully implemented, they are in the right direction.

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Thanks @lash

We haven’t publicly changed anything but I will tell you we are working on something similar to what was proposed in the original post but with the help of the designer we think we have found a better way of handling hands -free with some visual feedback that allows for some expansion of hands-free possibilities, stay tuned!

This plan has shifted a bit, we want to get to Autoquantize and MIDI Master capabilities before or in parallel to this feature. Dev has told us it is not so simple and may require a good amount of work, meaning it won’t be as quick release as we originally hoped.

We think the new idea will work well, we hope to present the concept soon to the forum so you guys know where we are here.

We do not have a plan so far for this one specifically, 2 questions for you:
Would you expect it to change without saving/asking to save? Would you expect it to follow a list or would it go in alphanumerical order?

We are planning for MIDI song select, but because the Aeros song saving system order is not particularly linear (unless you rename songs to be in the order you need them for a set) we had not considered a bank up/down approach yet, but we can look into this!

Thanks all for your feedback

You’re helping us make the best looper better :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t expect saving to be a priority with hands free song selection. I see that as a live performance use case, at home preparing for a set I don’t mind bending down, just not onstage.

Following a list would be preferred, unless everyone else here is playing their set in alphabetical order… :man_shrugging:

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So where did this approach ultimately end up?

Edit: Sorry I was replying to last year’s proposal for hands free features. I’ll check in again next year.



How about let the Stop All (end of previous loop or song) trigger the hand free menu for a live band situation.

new loop >> (free form mode)
load song >> (pre created songs regardless of mode created in)

Right now it is not as easy to dial in free form on Aeros mode as I had hoped it would. My X4 looper does that pretty easy. Just a head nod (count off) to the drummer and stomp the pedal etc.

Hi. (I may have been the original requester - long time ago :blush:). My opinions on the 2 questions above : song saving not a priority for me since I would use this feature live. Go to next song in saved song list would be my vote. It would be up to me to make sure my beat buddy song list was the same. With Beatbuddy as master, go to next song should trigger the same on the Aeros.

We are looking into this as an option, thank you for your feedback

Thanks for letting me know. Sometimes keeping it simple can be the key.

Nice to hear this is being considered. I use Aeros regularly in a band, and it is fun! My songlist is growing on Aeros.