Hands-free Volume Control


I added one of these Optionknobs to MBB to easily control volume knob with my foot. I bought the glow n the dark version. It works for my needs perfectly.

[direct link redacted out by Mod]


That’s fun how their main page offers < and > navigation commands for customer feedback that loops one single quote from some man that is the lead guitarist for some other man that I believe are broadly famous in narrow circles.

Looks like noone even uses their invention lol. Advertising fml :confused:


I am not sure why you removed the link for others. This little gadget is very useful to control MBB with the feet. I do not work for the company. I am now buying 3 of them to replace all 3 knobs on MBB. I will not repost the link but I think other MBB fans could find this tip helpful for our quest to save the back from excessive bending over. The “optionknob” is quirky but it serves a useful purpose and in my humble opinion should be considered a tip and trick.


After months fighting forum spam sometimes it becomes tricky for me to tell an ad from a legitimate suggestion, and where to draw a line between them. if the team thought this was indeed an advertisement, this topic would have been removed at all. As this hasn’t happened, I suppose everyone who thinks this thing in question can enhance their BeatBuddy experience are encouraged to make a google search for its name.

Anyways, if you have any question left or any feedback to provide about forum moderation specifically - please do so via contact@mybeatbuddy.com. Thank you!

I personally am not making any final decisions at all.


Looks interesting, when you get them you will need to make a video so we can see how effective they can be - although I can’t imagine how you would control all three on a Beatbuddy, surely there isn’t enough room to control all three without them interfering with each other. Might have to get myself one for the volume knob, but currently my BB it is fed into a Rolls personal monitor and its output goes to a monitor speaker, so I can control the volume from my microphone stand.


instead of the direct link why don’t people just pose something like cooldevice dot com you get the idea


I had no idea they were in Tuscaloosa. That’s 30 minutes from me. :sunglasses:

option knob dot com


@ emacnevin: do the regular or boutique size fit the BB best? Thanks!

Oh and a somewhat related question, does ANYONE happen to know of a source for foot switches (or adapters/caps) with larger surface areas. I may not be able to describe this and maybe it hasn’t even been invented yet but I’m thinking of a normal metal foot switch but it has a larger diameter…like that of a nickel. This making any sense?


The regular size fit perfectly.


Let me start with the “loving this pedal”. Now, I’m too old to bend down to make numerous changes for each song so what I do is place the MBB on a platform and use a longer cable for the 2 button pedal. I can switch songs or add brushes ect. My problem is downloading the upgrade. The free software for opening files are all full of so much junk my pc won’t work. I’ll figure it out.


I am sorry, but I fail to see how the fact you didn’t clean up your computer yet relates with the BeatBuddy upgrade.

At least, BeatBuddy is firmware-upgradeable through usual USB cable, and not like Boomerang III - via a MIDI cable using really weird protocols!


I also need/want volumn control on a pedal… that’s why I run the MBB output through a passive Boss volumn pedal…I use FV-50H (high impedance). I’m pretty sure the FV-50L (low impedance) would work equally well