Happy - Pharrell williams

Does anyone know have a beat pattern for happy by Pharrell Williams?

No, but I can tell you an almost 100% safe algorithm for you to have one (that you can then share with us here) if you wish.

  1. Download Guitar Pro 5.2. There are a lot of links where you can get it cheap.
  2. Google for ‘Pharrell Williams Happy gtp’ - note the last three letters here. It’s a key to the correct search.
  3. Download a file that has an extension of either a .gtp .gp3 .gp4 or .gp5
  4. Open it via Guitar Pro.
  5. Remove all tracks except percussion one (or ones).
  6. Make sure percussion tracks contain only allowed MIDI notes (please search our forum for HOWTO’s) - This step is about to be made easier by the next firmware version, as was confirmed by David Packouz in global announcement thread.
  7. Find separate parts that can be looped individually, like a verse beat, a chorus riff etc. Find nice beat fills and transitions.
  8. Export all these parts you’ve found to individual MIDI files (using File > Export > MIDI of a Guitar Pro).
  9. Download, install and launch BeatBuddy manager software.
  10. Create a new song (in a new folder if you wish).
  11. Arrange your prepared MIDI files in the order you feel appropriate.
  12. Download the whole content to your pedal SD card (overwriting everything!)
  13. Enjoy!
  14. (optional) Share with us!

Thanks very much, would it be possible to follow the same process through logic x? Is there any possible way to incorporate bass backing tracks into the beat buddy as well as drums?

Unfortunately I know nothing about logic x. Literally hearing about it for the first time :slight_smile: I’d googled and checked some manuals for that.

Probably the features you need from that software (if it is an editor) - MIDI export. As soon as it can perform this, you’re good to go.

As far as your second question goes, currently BeatBuddy supports (and provides) strictly drum patterns.
There is definitely a workaround for adding a possibility to have bass sounds from BeatBuddy, but that will require you to implement a custom drumset with those patterns. You can refer to user manual for more information on how to do that.

All in all, as a guitar player, I would really recommend using a looper if you feel the need for any extra sounds besides drums for your overall sound. It would be a lot more useful to you. I use Boomerang III, and given the power of BeatBuddy MIDI sync, I am able to layer a loop (be it a rhythm or actual bass) very fast and convenient. I would advice you to briefly check my video in a signature. There is no backing track used there, only the sounds that come from my guitar in the process (besides BeatBuddy drums). First 10-20 seconds will likely show you how easy it is to layer a loop when sync’ed to BeatBuddy.

Thank you very much for your advice, is there anyway to store a guitar/bass loop from a looper once recorded onto the beat-buddy for a live performance?

BeatBuddy is designed to be a performance tool for drums exclusively to keep it simple and easy to use.
It is not a recorder/player in any way currently. So, no, you will probably need some other hardware for that.

Here’s a quick Intro-verse with clap-verse with no clap version that I have made that sounds pretty close to the song. Let me know if you’d like the midi files to play with to add in any other bits. Enjoy!

Thanks very much! That midi file is brilliant! Very close to original!

You’re welcome. Glad to help out.