Having a problem changing fills

Im trying to change a intro fill in this song, here is what happens when I click on the …

[ATTACH=full]1119[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]1120[/ATTACH]

Looks like you haven’t installed a full content library. It weighs pretty much (something like 650Mb) and is not usually shipped with every version of the BBManager.

The easiest fix for you would be to get the MIDI files from your shipped SD card and copy them to this folder so you can select them in BBManager. There should be a folder named MIDI loops - content 1.2 on the SD card. It contains all the MIDI files.

[ATTACH=full]1276[/ATTACH] Ok i downloaded the SD Backup from the site and this is what I have. I don’t see a midi loops folder

SD Card Backup archive really doesn’t have the MIDI loops anymore. I have no idea why. I’d contact support about what was the reason for removing them. As far as I know, the MIDI files used by the BeatBuddy are free to distribute.
You can try download the alternative SD Card Backup archive from my Google Drive.
It also contains fixed (quantized) versions of intros (along with original ones) for some songs that were previously affected by the MIDI Sync bug.

The midi loops are now a separate download from mybeatbuddy.com/downloads
Or the direct link

Yes but how do I get them into BBM ?
I just want the Jazz loops ?

Thee are no pbf files ?

You have tried the forum’s Search function, right? :rolleyes:


I have to import every single file ?

There are over 100 files !

Ill be dead before I’m finished

So if somebody were to export the Jazz folder as a pbf from BBM, that’s all you’re looking for?

Check your Conversation inbox

Probably !

Why do you need the Jazz loops as they are already part of the stock beats and should be on you pedal - did they get deleted?

Yeah I just wanted to hear what they sound like !

It is attached. Download it, go into your BBManager, and import it by: File > Import > Folder

Thanks - persist PM:ed me !