Headphone link?

OK I’ve got the BB sync to my Rc505 all good, sending BB To mixer\ PA separate from 505,to avoid recording it on everything… Problem, if just rehearsing at home use headphones from Rc505 but of course BB audio not goin in… Is there a way to join BB headphone out to 505 headphone out,???

You should be able to run the output of the 505 into the BB and listen to both on the BB headphone out.

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Try this

Yes thank you that works, however you have to turn the looper volume down to match the BB headphone out, it just becomes weak, and loses the body from loops… I’m back to using a small mixer to punch the BB up, works better… But was just trying to use less kit…

Yes, there is still a way to join BB headphones to 505 headphones.
By using a splitter it is possible. Here, is the way through which you easily understand. How to join thttps://testgudie.com/do-headphone-splitters-reduce-the-quality/#Things_To_Consider_Before_Buying_Audio_Splitter_For_Headphones

Yes I bought headphone Splitter, to use as looper and BB into headphones, No good! Reduces the headphone volume to much, loses all punch… Tried looper into BB and one set headphones, but as BB headphone out is low, even full volume, had to turn looper output right down to match, No Good… The only way in my opinion, is a small mixer, BB and looper set to best sound, and mixer headphone out… WORKS GREAT, I was just trying to avoid more and more connections to more bits of kit… But this works great, and gives BB more punch.