Hello All from new Aeros user. Can I "cancel" a Stop command?

Hello everyone, nice to be here!

I’m using Freeform mode on the newest firmware. I have my Stop behavior set to “End Of Loop”. Is there any way to cancel a Stop command after the button has been pressed?

In my initial practicing with the unit, I notice that sometimes I’m wishing I could cancel a Stop that’s about to happen, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to do it. I searched the forum for the words “stop” and “cancel” but couldn’t find any info.

I’ve had at least one looper, Boomerang III (I think), which allowed me to cancel a stop, so I thought I’d ask. Thank you!

Hey there, no there is no way to cancel the stop, this is why we made sure the stop button was far away from the other buttons to avoid a user ever hitting it by accident.

The best I can say is practice makes perfect!

Down the line, we could possibly create a MIDI command to do this, but I don’t find it realistic to expect us to find a solution with the buttons as they are on the Aeros.

The only other option I see is removing double tap to immediately stop, but that can be very useful so I don’t know if it would be worth changing that, and I don’t know how long it would take to change the setting to do so.

I’d be interested to see if there’s anyone else with your same thoughts on the forum.

Thank you for your reply, Brennan!

Since I’m also interested in an external MIDI controller such as Maestro, I would be interested in having that MIDI command as an option.

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Any reason why a second press of the stop button would not undo the stop?

Note this is not a double click, but a second “true” click.

This would be very intuitive.

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That implies that the logic to handle the double click isn’t working. Virtually all double click algorithms have a short time period for the double click to occur. Outside that window, the next click is treated as a separate click (not a double click).

I’d be very surprised the Aeros did this any other way. There are many places in the Aeros where a double click detection does not not prevent a seperate, true, click.

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I don’t think it implies anything, I also don’t see why we would put a double click command that behaves differently if you click once and then click again another time when specifically talking about a stop command. imo there is no need to complicate the button for stopping and starting beyond allowing the ability to separate song stopping and next part settings, which is something we are looking into.

Adding a toggle to the mix between stopping immediately and canceling the stop is something that we could do but it seems very low priority right now.

I’ll bring it up!

[quote=“BrennanSingularSound, post:6, topic:21687”] I
also don’t see why we would put a double click command that behaves differently if you click once and then click again

That’s exactly the way the buttons on the bottom row work. I can click to overdub and double click to mute.

This behavior is very similar to the early cancel of a record.

I agree it may not be a high priority.

I do understand that double press can be differentiated from a single press with a timeout, however, having a prolonged timeout for double press actually benefits the Aeros here and I’ve taken advantage of it the way it works today, so wouldn’t want it to change from how it works currently without discussing that.

Use Case:

You have the Settings for either Stop EOM or EOL but you want to also be able to Stop Immediately. In order to TIME the Stop Immediately well and keep your flow, it helps that it isn’t strictly a “double press” that must occur with a few hundred millisecond of each other. Timing your stop is the important factor. In other words, the way it works today gives you the ability to correctly time a “Stop Immediately” command on a second single press long after the first press has occured. The first press is actually more of a Mode switch when you think of it that way.

That being said, I do think ability to cancel an All Stop should be incorporated in some way. Why not just have one of the other buttons do the Cancel? They aren’t good for much anyway when your loop is approaching an All Stop. Actually, I think SS should investigate going a step further and do something like this:

  • Pressing Stop All remains based on the user preferences we have today.
  • If Stop All is either EOL or EOM, then the 3 lower buttons offer some other choices during the time it takes for the Stop to occur: Immediate, EOM/EOL and Cancel.
  • Or Cancel could just be a second press on the Stop All button.
  • Or, some other combination of this idea … you really have 4 choices to work with after that initial command and it might take some usability testing to decide what works best.

Maybe one of those “options” a predetermined fade length.


Maybe I just need to keep practicing but I find I hit “stop” accidently (mostly while scrolling through parts and tracks), and really wish there was some way to cancel a stop command. Watching that big “Stop” graphic move across the screen when you are in the middle of a song is terrifying. I love the ideas posted above by JusDandy and RcckDebris of having the three bottom buttons be available after a “stop” command for “cancel stop” and “fade out” and ???. I think this would be really useful.

Maybe “cancel stop”, “Long fade out” and Short fade out"???

Hey there all thanks for your suggestions!

Likely we will make it so that when stopping, the three labels on the buttons will change to

“Cancel Stop” | Blank (for now) | “Fade”

Meaning this request is tied in with our plans for a Fade out/in Master volume behavior.

Hopefully we will find a good use for the center button too!

Thanks again :slight_smile:


This is possible in the 5.0.x release that is waiting for wifi any day now!