Hello/transitions & fills issue

Hi guys,
First post, just got my BB from Thomann on Tuesday, been playing it all week delighted with it overall, just trying to tie it in with my original songs. I find timing the fills and transitions a little tricky at times, sometimes I get it but other times if there’s a half beat change or something I either press too early or late, I’m gonna have to look more closely at the cue fill period setting, any suggestions as to the best one here for mainly standard 4/4 beats?
Also one suggestion for David & all the manufacturing people (great job guys!) I find the BB & the footswitch move around a lot on the carpet when you press, which can be annoying if your used to them being in a certain position while you are playing and you reach your foot for them and they have moved. I’ve had to attach 2 sided sticky tape to base to stop this. Maybe a designated pedal board as an accessory which neatly fits just the BB and the footswitch only, would be a really nice addition in my view. Like I said though I’m delighted with it generally, a great drum solution for one man setups like myself. I hope to post a video of me playing one of my tracks with it soon.

I usually use queue fill period of 50% with mainly 4/4 beats. Most of the time it clicks for me, but it all actually comes down to practice. I cannot say BeatBuddy is easy to use when you want to play a preset song structure and not some random stuff.
But this is one of the top things on the “to improve” list.

Cheers for reply Daef, gonna do some playing today, will try the 50% setting & see how it works. I agree with you that the BB is more conducive to random jamming than accompanying original songs that have a definitive structure but I’m finding that with practice you can figure it out something that works ok. Keeping it simple makes it easier, not playing fills every five seconds to the point that you’re so distracted with pressing the pedal your missing chords & vocal lines! That said I’ve recorded & listened back to 3 or 4 tunes on my little digital recorder and it sounds a hell of a lot better than without any beat, and my playing and singing is a lot more fluid so the BB is still a great addition to my setup, just a little more tweaking required.

Agreed. I also use the 50% setting. It gives you plenty of time to trigger the Pedal and get your mind back to the melody. It also helps on the Double-Click ending. Fingerstylepicker.