HELP! Distorted drums

Right as I was finishing the 95th song for my band, the Beatbuddy Manager locked up. I rebooted the computer and the program came back up, but now all of my drums are distorted and garbled sounding.
I removed the SD card from the computer and put in the Beatbuddy with the same result.
How do I fix this without wiping out all of my songs?

Before you do anything that might cause permanent data loss, from BB manager export the folder or folders containing your songs to a known location on the hard drive. If you are using any custom kits, save those to your hard drive using the drumkits>save as command. Your problem sounds like it could be either a bad SD card or some corruption in the BB workspace. If you have not done so already, after doing the saves above, shut down and restart. Then try some default content and see if it plays correctly. If you still have problems after that, follow the “General Disaster Recovery” process. Search for that here on the forum. If you end up going that route, try a new SD card. Class 10, 32gb maximum size.

Also, before getting rid of anything, try some non bb music on your computer to verify that your sound output is working properly. I usually open a YouTube video for those kinds of things.


Thanks for the fast response! I will do what you suggested. I will definitely have a backup SD card in the future.

I think I may have dodged a bullet. I deleted and reinstalled the driver for the Line 6 UX2 audio interface and all seems fine. I have backed up the songs and have ordered SD cards to make backups. I really appreciate the help!

Glad you got it sorted out.