Help Finding a Drum Setting

I need help, I’m looking for a drum setting that I can use for Phil Collins version of Going Back. The closest I can find so far is Brushes 1, but i’m not completely satisfied with it, Any and all help is certainly appreciated.

Are you after a beat to work with the song or a drum kit? If you don’t find a drum beat that works in the BB you will need to find one, there are are lots of free midi files on the internet or make one. Again if it is a drum kit then you will need to make your own, again there are free drum samples on the internet and users here have also provided links to those.

Psalm40, I think I’m needing a drumset that is more simple without cymbols and such, It is a melancholy song and the drums start from the 2nd verse on. I think the Brushes 1 song has pretty close to the right beat

Such requests as this ones are easy to solve by following the easy algorithm described here: