Help! kick drum doesn't work.


Hey all,

I downloaded Wicked Game Guitar pro file, deleted all the tracks except drum. created 4 bar MIDI track then imported to BB manager. BUT the kick drum doesn’t work.

What should I do?



Can you check what midi note the kick drum is using and compare it to one in a working kit…most likely this is incorrect.

This seems have been discussed here:


Yes, I checked this post and changed to 35, but still not working. no bass drum sound at all. I will try on Beatbuddy instead on the software.

Also, I downloaded some guitar pro files and edit them, so how many bars do I need to import to BB software?

When I edit MIDI file on Guitar Pro, this error happens a lot. what does that mean?



While this is actually not a support forum for Guitar Pro, but as you were so nice to provide a screenshot, I’ll help you, as I myself encounter this very error message pretty often.

When you see this message, just save your current work (Ctrl+S), and restart Guitar Pro.


I checked again, but still not working properly. not just kick drum, even sticks for the song Another day in paradise (the intro fill part).

Can you help me out?



Yes, I’ll help you. You will need to go through all the MIDI files used and write down the list of different MIDI notes used.
Then, you need to decide what BeatBuddy drumset do you wish to use with your song.
Third, go to manager software drumset properties for that drumset and check whether all those notes are supported. If some notes are not on the list - just replace them with something suitable, or add your own sound samples.

You’ve actually found the topic with my previous explanations already - :slight_smile: