Help me Ive been at this for hours!

Have made a new folder called set list with songs - how do I get it to the SD card? I have saved it as a project but when I synchronise it asks what folder on the SD card - well I dont know -???

When it asks to syncronise click on the drive letter for the SD card. This page will bring up the SD card and it’s contents but then you dont select any folders on the SD card just click ok on this page. If this doesn’t work you might have to “export project to SD card”.

So you dont select any folder? If there is no destination then surely that wont work? To be honest it aint very easy unless its just me? I see tutorials on everything except this

Each SD card can only hold one project so yes, just select the SD card, not a folder or subfolder.

Have you made a folder within your project or have you created a new project with a folder? Look on the left of the BBManager, do you see all the folders there? If not, then you created a new project.

If it’s in your original project (like it’s supposed to be) then you need to select the drive containing the SD card, and press ‘open’.