Help! My beatbuddy died during performance!

the pedal has become unresponsive. It powers up fine but beat doesn’t start. Main pedal function not working. Other buttons work fine.
Help!! :frowning:

I only purchased it in March. Is there anywhere I can send it for repair in UK? I gig with it 5 nights a week.
Appreciate any info. Is it still under warranty?

[]Try reloading the firmware 2.0.4 using your computer SD slot reader.
]If this doesn’t work, try a new SD card.
[*]If still no joy, contact

Thanks for reply
I’ll give it a go now. Next gig in 7 hours

It’s still under warranty. I don’t know if Singular Sound has a repair or exchange center in the UK. You could try exchanging it from the store you bought it from (if it was local). Otherwise, you’ll have to work with Support

If you can’t get a new SD card, you can try reformatting your card to MS DOS (FAT 32). Good luck.

Just tried both my SD cards. Frimware was updated but still no response. I think its a hardware problem. pedal action doesn’t feel quite right and when i press Drum set and Tempo buttons I’m not getting into menu.
i bought from as there were no stockists in Edinburgh.

That’s not good—specially with a gig today. I’ve never heard of anybody trying to use the BBM on a laptop instead of the pedal and it might not be feasible, but you give it a try.

On the offhand chance that you could have dust build up on the pedal or the buttons, you could try applying some compressed air around the main foot switch button and othe parts of the pedal. I’m talking about the kind of air that comes in a can to clean keyboards

I’ll have to dust my old Ketron midjay down and bring it out of retirement.
i don’t think its a dust problem. It’s a sturdy wee machine and i look after it.
What is my next step to send it for repair? Who is best to contact?

Send e-mail to

Many thanks for your help persist.