Help Please - UK Beat Buddy Users in Surrey

Our Beat Buddy Unit has stopped and we have two live gigs 28th Dec and New Years Eve. Yes I know we should have had a back up unit. Nearest supplier with stock is in York. 5 hours away!!

Is there anyone out there willing to lone their unit for a couple of nights?

I am based in Farnham near Guildford. Please message if you are able to help.

Best Wishes to all


Hi Deano

Sorry to hear that and I’m 400 miles out of your way to help you. But I had this problem before and found that I had too many songs in the sng folder (therefore many various drum sets) despite them being split into different folders. BB struggled with this and stopped - only the once.

I re-booted it with a minimal amount of sngs - it worked fine. So I edited my song list down to the ones needed for the gigs and another SD card for back up sngs.

Also check your wiring if you haven’t did so as there can be dust in the power socket - that’s happened!

Good luck

Hopefully Bob’s response helps you, but just in case, what are the symptoms?