HELP Windows 10 user: Manager crashes when launched

Hi I am running Windows 10 and when I launch BB Manager, I see the menu with the pedal icon for one second and then nothing. Any hint as to what is going on ?

Try running it with Admin permissions.

I did (by right clicking) with the same results…

Here are some tips you can try out, How to stop Windows 10 from closing programs without warning

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My other programs work well. It’s only the BB manager that fails after appearing briefly. Did any of you ever get any help from Singular with say TeamViewer ?

I’ll say it just because…did you try rebooting your PC?

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Yes I did.

Contact Support,

What do you suggest I do to fix this ? I would like to get up and running and install a few beats package soon.

Since it sounds like you’ve pretty much tried everything other users have suggested in this thread (with the possible exception of contacting Support), I can only think of using Windows to completely uninstall the BBM app, reboot your PC and then downloading and trying to install a fresh copy of the app from Singular Sound.


I was having issues with it closing out and this is exactly what I did to fix it. Deleting the app then reinstalling solved the problem for me.

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Tried that 5 times so far. No show,

Good luck. Support should be able to help you sort it out. Let us know what gets you up and running again.

I need your help. No luck so far. Seems like some versions of Windows10 are problematic.
If I buy the complete premium library, I can download the whole thing and transfer the songs on a blank SD card. If I don’t want to clutter the menu too much on the BB, do you know if the different packages are well identified so that I can delete some beforehand before I do the transfer ? For example, is it easy to see the AC/DC folder or is it just numbers ?
That way, I could get the beats I want and not need BB manager until I straighten the situation.
Thanks in advance.

If you have not been in touch with Support, you really need to do so.

I’ve sent you a PM. Please check your forum inbox.