Help with bass issue

I thought I was using the notarized version. Pretty sure about that, but maybe I’m wrong. I will download the notarized version and try again.

Yep. Downloaded notarized version, compared to my installed one, same data, creation date, etc.
Nonetheless, I deleted my old app and proceeded with the new downloaded BB Manager.
The issue persists. I will try the beta now…

Phil. I downloaded and installed this version and immediately was warned that it will harm my computer. I believed it is the non-notarized version. Went ahead and located the 1.6.6 notarized version and installed that. Opened it, but the problem is still there. My bass notes sound for a full 4 seconds before fading. @persist did try my midi, I will ask some more questions to him…

I am testing right now. I think I found some issues and answers. Will keep you posted. Thanks to all.

Guys and gals, I think I got it figured out.
My first error was listening to the midi song in the “Midi Editor” of BB Manager (really, guys, THAT is not a midi editor :laughing:):
For example, I imported a midi file to a song part, right-click on it and select edit, to make sure the mappings were correct. Once there I clicked play, just to be sure everything sounded right, and by doing that, I would not hear the correct timings on the notes. My quarter notes sounded for 4 seconds before beginning to fade!
If I got out of the Midi Editor without applying any changes, and then click play on the main BB Manager window, everything would sound perfect! Crazy.

SECOND issue- if I made any changes on the midi editor, then the bass note duration would be messed up forever! Say I enter the editor and changed the velocity of one kick and click “Apply” to save the changes, or maybe delete a note, then I would lose the correct timing of the bass notes. That’s just messed up.

Soooo… Correct workflow for me would be open the midi in any of the tools I have, making all necessary changes and correct mapping for the kit I plan to use there, and then, at the very end importing to BB Manager. And DO NOT change anything midi-related in BB Manager, or else you lose the note offs and timing, etc…

At least until we get BBManager 2.0… soon… right? :wink:

I would like to thank all of you who took of their precious playing time to help me. Grateful! To @JoeInOttawa , @Phil_Flood and @persist , hats off to you.



I bet I speak for all of us when I say I’m just glad you got it sorted out. Even more so that you shared the solution.

By the way, the included MIDI editor is not a Singular creation, but, rather something one of the forum members built. Singular added it to the package (against their better interests) because people screamed for it. It’s not bad for a home brew, but I personally would never use it. I prefer to use something built and proven for the task.

Have a great weekend – welcome to the wormhole!



Thanks for the info Joe, didn’t know that. Very resourceful forum members, that’s very visible for sure.
I, for one, am very grateful that the midi editor shows in a very direct manner the mappings of each drum kit. It permits me to double check the assignments I make in midi, so kudos for that.
May you have a great weekend too.