Hi new user with new problem loll...

Hello, i just purchased a Beatbuddy with the foot switch recently.

I have a problem, I believe i’ve followed all the instruction to get ready, i made a copie on the desk, i said yes to synchronize. Then i opened a project, exported a song, then created a folder, then imported my song.
the song. I modified the way i wanted it but when i tried to synchronize it to my sd card the icon was in pale grey so i couldn’t choose that option. Anything i did wrong ? Help please :frowning: Thank’s in advance, K
P.S. I’m an Apple user.

You did nothing wrong. On Sierra and High Sierra, Synchronize is rarely available. The workaround is simply to File>Export Project to SD card. Sometimes after you do that export, Synchronize will be available if you continue to work in B.B. Manager. However, it does not always appear, even in those instances.

Thank’s Phil, it worked! Just had to import directly to SD card…