High speed SD card - giving No Song message

I decided to upgrade to a high speed SD card (also it’s 64Gb. Big I know, but that was what was available)

Everything has copied to the card fine when I read it on the computer, but BB just says No Song when I try to use it.

Is there a max size or speed the BB can read?

The BB does not support 64Gb cards.

Supported SD card size ranges from 4 to 32Gb SDHC class 10 cards.


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I had the same problem, only I did download the online backup for the SDHC onto a 4GB and my PC does show the data… I did unzip the program and dropped it onto the card there after the program was transferred onto the card… But placing the SD into the BB, I get the “No Song” message as well…

Here’s a link to the search results. https://forum.singularsound.com/search?q="No%20song"%20%40BeatBuddy_Support%20in%3Atitle

Where Support says “wipe,” it means delete the contents of the SD card—not format the card.

I would also suggest deleting the previously downloaded SD card backup and getting a new download. Sometimes the network might have burped during the download process.

Many thanks for the info.

Bought exactly the card you suggested (32Gb UHS etc.)

Worked first time.

Many thanks,


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