Hip-Hop breakbeats


Ok, I love the BB but, I find the hip-hop beats lack the punchy boom chak-syncopation, je ne sais quoi, that I love.

I want something that rips off best uses of the 808.

I want beats reminiscent of the break in The Soul Searchers ‘Ashley’s Roachclip’, towards the end of James Brown’s ‘Funky Drummer’ or anything used by The Sugerhill Gang,

The Boss Dr-202 might be the sound I am looking for by way of lifting beats off of the Jurassic 5 Quality Control instrumental album.

I basically have used hardware samplers and drum machines in the past for beat composition and don’t want to spend the time fiddling with software to get some loops into the BB but, will do it to get what I want. If anyone else is doing the same let’s share our work!


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Find a guitar tablature (GTP) of the song you love for Guitar Pro from anywhere from the internet. http://www.911tabs.com and http://www.gtp-tabs.ru are good gtp tabs sites that I prefer. Then rip the drum part, split it to the song parts, arrange them into a BeatBuddy song via manager software - and you’re golden! Share the result with other forum members for added benefits.

The overall process may seem a bit tedious and lengthy at first, but once you get into it, you’ll fall in love with the freedom of creation that BeatBuddy gives you in controlling the beat!


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Maybe a moderator (or the poster) could move this post (and/or other similar ones) to the appropriate forum like technical support, general discussion or whatever ? If we keep random inquiries in a User Generated Content section, it will soon get messy once people start sharing actual beats.


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Yeah, that’s an appropriate suggestion. I’ll move all the off-topic posts to other forums to open up space for actual beats.