How about a end function?

Sometimes I just want to end the tune. Say the song ends on a retard and I pause to stop the drums but then I have to turn down the volume, trigger the outro fill and let it play and then turn the volume back up again. This is a pain…
I really enjoy my Beat Buddy and as soon as I get the Manager for Mac it will be the best drum machine I have owned and I’ve had quite a few. Thanks for your outstanding product.

Randy Clay
Waikoloa, Hawaii

I am sorry, I couldn’t grasp what you are saying at all. So who is that retard on whom your song ends, you say? :slight_smile: That is, indeed, a joke. Are you talking about slowing the tempo in the end of the song?

Why do you feel you need to manipulate with the volume like you say? What are you trying to achieve with that?

If you hit pause to end the tune, is there a silent way to stop BB from playing the song?

If I recall correctly, holding the main pedal should stop BB from pause silently.
But I think I may need to check this when I am at home.

When the Beatbuddy is paused, you can hold down the main pedal down to stop it. However this only works if the Beatbuddy is configured to start on release (the default) rather than the initial press. If it is set to the initial press then you will get a fill or transition out of the Pause, which is not what you want.

However I would like a stop (not pause) function to be assignable to the external foot switch.

As has been said, the default configuration allows you to pause the BB and then long press the main pedal to “stop”

Unfortunately I think that for the tap-tempo function to work correctly on one foot button, the pedal needs to be set to “start on press.” but, now that I’ve had a chance to work with it for a while, this may actually not be the case. I’ll experiment some more.

Psalm40, what would be your reasoning for needing a stop function on a foot button? I’m just curious if there’s something I’m missing. :slight_smile:

Well RustyP exactly as for the same reason as the original poster. I have my beat buddy set to trigger on press, so when the BB is paused I can’t hold the main pedal down, as it will start. I fade down the volume on my rolls, double click on the pedal,turn volume back up and then press the external pedal to move to the next song.

Yay,someone knows what I’m asking for!
I don’t think my Beat Buddy is set to trigger on press, so I’ll have to try the hold the button down trick.
I know the creator of the tracks worked hard creating the intros and outros but it is difficult to use them on the job. I’d rather write my own ending that is how I want to end the song. When I finally get the Manager for Mac I can really go to town with this flexible and creative drum machine.

Thank you everyone for your input on this topic. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants this feature.

Mahalo from Hawaii
Randy Clay

If you have a dual pedal you configure one side to pause and the other the outro. When you hit the pause button while playing then hit the outro button will just stop without playing the outro. I do this all the time. At the end of a song I will play a drum fill and time it to hit pause just at the cymbal crash. Then I hit the outro button to completely stop the song. I also use a RJM Music Mastermind LT midi controller to control the Beatbuddy instead of the main pedal. I have a Boss dual button switch to pause and stop the Beatbuddy. With the midi controller I program the switches as momentary switches and I have one as the transition switch. I just have to touch it and it transitions to the next part without having to long press the big main pedal on the Beatbuddy.