How can we access tap tempo via midi? (I'm using Livid Guitar Wing midi controller)

How do you access tap tempo via midi on BeatBuddy?

Request from me and Justin on the Livid forum:
November 3

Hi maans,
I’ve just released a Beta of this update.
This adds MIDI Start, MIDI Stop, and MIDI Continue support to the Guitar Wing.
We have not found a good way to integrate MIDI Clock nor MIDI Beat Clock signals into the Guitar Wing, so they did not make it into this update.

However, I see from the BeatBuddy Footswitch that BeatBuddy allows it to Tap Tempo, so if you ask they how we can access that with the Guitar Wing, I may be able to help you get that going as well."

Any chance that it already is possible or will become possible in a future update?

Sincerely Måns Mårtensson