How do we upload beat files?


I tried attaching a beat file to a forum post and the forum software wouldn’t allow the attachment


Hi Charles. I found a bit of a way around this issue. What I did is this

It seems you can’t upload a .sng file so I Changed the file type to .zip and upload. After downloading rename the file .sng and export using beatbuddy manager.


Yes, the forum doesn’t seem to be able to receive and store files. So use the file storage available somewhere else on the internet, and simply link to them here!


Ok thanks, I’ll use one of the public file sharing sites. I created my first SNG file, “When the Levee Breaks”, and wanted to share it with folks.


Oh, they are called SNG now. I used to calling them BBS (as they were called earler) :confused:

So, CharlesSpencer, give us please a link already! We’re nervous to try your song! :slight_smile:


I changed how I upload them. I zipped them to a .rar file which can be uploaded and then just needs to be unzipped when downloaded.


Sorry about this guys. We’ll change the settings to allow .sng and .drm files to be uploaded.


Well, that answer one of my q’s … I can stop drinking now ! :lol:



I didn’t understand, how to install the songs .sng on my BeatBuddy pedal?
I imported in Manager but I can’t play it, no sound.


  1. Make sure your computer runs a correct operating system. When you press Win+Break, the window that comes up should say that you are running Windows together with some specs of your computer.
  2. Make sure you have a drum set selected in BBManager.

Ok, It’s done.
I have restart the project and following the video Tutoriel#2